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Creamy Broccoli
smoked cheddar crouton, tasso ham cracklins 5 / 7.5

Roasted Gulf Oysters on the Half Shell
six of ’em, Old Bay-hot sauce butter,
saltine breadcrumbs, classic cocktail sauce 14
Low Country Plantation Stew
crispy confit pork belly, red beans, andouille sausage,
collard greens, white rice, Geechee Boy cornbread 12

Bronzed Atlantic Mahi-Mahi
“Texas caviar”-pickled shrimp relish, sherry-mustard beurre blanc,
creamy yellow grits, sautéed green beans 25
Soy-Ginger Glazed Yellowfin Tuna
wakame salad, sweet chile aioli,
sesame-mirin jasmine rice, bok choy-bean sprout stir fry 26
Five Hour Braised Lamb Shank “Navarin”
pan jus, pomegranate seed gremolata,
duck fat roasted fingerling potatoes,
rutabaga, green beans & butternut squash 27

vegetarian entree of the day
Fall Vegetable Orecchiette Pasta
roasted butternut squash, rutabaga, broccoli,
brussels sprouts, foccacia breadcrumbs, shaved parmesan 17