small plates, starters
Crispy Fried Gulf Select Oysters
classic cocktail sauce, dill pickle tartar sauce 14

Baked Gulf Oysters “Solsticefeller”
five of ‘em, smoked bacon, creamed spinach,
parmesan breadcrumbs 14

BBQ Pork & Fried Green Tomato Bruschetta
smoked cheddar pimento cheese,
Alabama white sauce, spiced chicharrones 11

Alan’s Deviled Eggs
pickled onion, crispy pancetta, roasted red pepper aioli 8.5

Sweet & Sour Crispy Brussels Sprouts
Thai peanut sauce, Fresno chile, crushed peanuts 7

IPA-hot sauce butter, grilled baguette, parsley, lemon 14

Artisan Cheese Plate
1 blue + 1 young & soft +1 aged & firm, Carolyn’s local jams,
Bee Trail Farm honey, crackers
ask your server for today’s selections 16

soup, salads
Potato-Leek Bisque
smoked cheddar, crème fraiche, chives cup 5 bowl 7.5

Romaine Wedge
applewood bacon, blue cheese, grape tomato,
cucumber, chopped egg, buttermilk ranch dressing 9

Mixed Green Salad
strawberries, blue cheese, candied pecans,
shaved Vidalias, balsamic-herb vinaigrette 9

Local Beets & Buffalo Mozzarella
sea salt roasted beets, basil, cracked pepper,
white balsamic vinaigrette 10

Bronzed Silk Snapper
pickled shrimp, “pot likker” beurre blanc,
mustard greens, hominy-butterbean succotash 27

Crispy Fried NC Flounder
deviled egg tartar sauce, cucumber-dill lump crab “salad”,
creamy yellow grits, sautéed green beans 26

Blackened Atlantic Salmon
green apple-pear mostarda, candied pecan gremolata,
creamy yellow grits, sautéed green beans 25

Pan Seared Lump Crab Cakes
green tomato chow chow, herb remoulade,
creamy yellow grits, sautéed green beans 27

Char-Grilled Compart Farms “No-Bone” Pork Chop
48 hour house-brined, center-cut boneless pork “steak”,
smoked cheddar pimento cheese, Cherry Coke-molasses bbq sauce,
buttermilk mashed potatoes, smoked bacon stewed Bradford collards 26

Your Choice of “French Onion” Grilled
6 oz. CAB Filet Mignon or 12 oz. CAB Ribeye
torched gruyere cheese, caramelized vidalia onions,
madeira-thyme jus, buttermilk mashed potatoes, sautéed asparagus 38 / 35

Maple Leaf Farms Red Curry Duck Breast
Thai basil, pineapple, snow peas, tomato, baby bok choy,
red curry-coconut broth, jasmine rice 26

Buttermilk Fried 8 oz. Chicken Breast
tasso ham gravy, smoked gouda-bacon mac & cheese,
smoked bacon stewed Bradford collards 19

Today’s Vegetarian Entree
ask your server for today’s preparation 19