Fall Vegetable Minestrone
shaved parmesan, grilled bread 5 / 7.5

Baked Oysters “Stew” on the Half Shell
smoked bacon-shellfish cream,
buttermilk biscuit crumble 12
Housemade Butternut Squash Ravioli
toasted hazelnuts, sage brown butter,
crispy Brussels sprouts, shaved parmesan 12

Pan Seared Golden Tilefish
lemon buttered lump crab, “fish camp” beurre blanc,
creamy yellow grits, sautéed green beans 24
Tamarind-Ginger Glazed
New England Monkfish
roasted butternut squash, fingerling potatoes,
Thai Massaman curry broth,
dried cranberries, roasted peanuts 22
Crispy Compart Farms Pork Osso Bucco Confit
creole bbq jus, dirty red beans & rice,
ham hock stewed collard greens, chicharrónes 26

vegetarian entree of the day
Housemade Fall Fettuccini
butternut squash, brussels sprouts, asparagus, shaved parmesan, City Roots sprouts 17