Creamy Broccoli
smoked cheddar crouton, tasso ham cracklins 5 / 7.5

Roasted Gulf Oysters on the Half Shell
six of ’em, Old Bay-hot sauce butter,
saltine breadcrumbs, classic cocktail sauce 13
Skillet Baked Orecchiette Pasta
burrata cheese, sweet Italian sausage sugo,
focaccia breadcrumbs 12

Bronzed Atlantic Mahi-Mahi
“Texas caviar”-pickled shrimp relish,
sherry-mustard beurre blanc,
creamy yellow grits, sautéed green beans 24
Soy-Ginger Glazed Yellowfin Tuna
wakame salad, sweet chile aioli, sesame-mirin jasmine rice,
bok choy-bean sprout stir fry 25
Dry Aged Compart Farms Pork Porterhouse
green apple mostarda, smoked maple-bourbon jus,
buttermilk mashed potatoes, sautéed asparagus 25

vegetarian entree of the day
Fall Vegetable Orecchiette Pasta
roasted butternut squash, rutabaga, broccoli, brussels sprouts, foccacia breadcrumbs, shaved parmesan 17